Rover Coaches School Timetable


Route AM19 S900 S901

    St Philip's Christian College Cessnock
    Nulkaba Public School
    Mount View High School
    St Patrick's Primary School
S900      7.30 Bus Stop - Cnr Chapman & High Street - Greta - Commence trip to St Philips
    Wyndham Street
    New England Highway
    Nelson Street - continue Camp Road
  7.40 Bus Stop - Cnr of Camp Road & Lovedale Road
    Lovedale Road
    Wilderness Road - uturn and stop - collect students
    Lovedale Road
    Wine Country Drive
    Lomas Lane
    Bus Relocates to Camp Road Bus Stop
S901 8.05 Bus Stop - Cnr Camp Rd & Lovedale Rd - Commence trip to Nulkaba Public, Mt View High and St Patrick's Primary
    Lovedale Road
    Wine Country Drive
  8.20 Fletcher Street - Continue to end & U-turn
    Wine Country Drive
    Kerlew Street
    Occident Street
    Austral Street
    Branxton Street
  8.25 NULKABA PUBLIC SCHOOL - continue Branxton Street
    O'Connors Road
    Oakey Creek Road
    Mount View Road
  8.35 MOUNT VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - continue Mt View Road
    Barrett Avenue - continue Sports Avenue
    Percy Street
    Wollombi Road
  8.45 ST PATRICK'S PRIMARY SCHOOL - continue Wollombi Road