Lost Property

Lost Property Items

Any lost item that is handed-in at our depot will be entered into the “found” register, and then we make every effort to contact the rightful owner.

Lost Property - Enquiry Register

Where the lost item has not been found or handed-in to our depot, your details will be noted in the enquiries register:
Name & telephone number
Description of the lost item
Date and time of loss
Bus route on which the item was lost
All enquiries will be crosschecked against the “found register” from time to time and you will be informed if your item is found.

Collection of Lost Property

When your item has been “found”, you will be directed to our Rover depot to collect your item. Please ensure that you bring along the appropriate identification to claim your item.


Unclaimed items that have been held for more than 28 days may be disposed of by Rover Coaches.
Valuable items such as laptops, phones or cash will be disposed of at the discretion of the Work Health & Safety Manager at the depot, all other items will be generally delivered to a charity organisation within the local community.
Please note that perishable lost items (such as food) and soiled lost items (such as dirty clothing, drink/food containers) will be disposed of after one day.