Kurri Kurri High School

Morning Services
4 S858 From Maitland Station
9 S870 From Sawyers Gully
K1 S932 From Brunkerville & Mulbring
K2 S934 From South Weston & Weston Street, Weston
K3 S943 From Cessnock, Neath & Weston
K4      S945 From Kurri Kurri, Stanford Merthyr & Pelaw Main
Afternoon Services
8 S865 To Maitland Monday, Tuesday & Friday
8 S865 To Maitland Thursday
8 S865 To Maitland Wednesday
9 S868 To Sawyers Gully Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
9 S869 To Sawyers Gully Tuesday
16 S891 To South Weston, Neath, Abermain & Cessnock Monday & Tuesday
16 S891 To South Weston, Neath, Abermain & Cessnock Friday
34 S929 To Abermain, Neath & Cessnock Wednesday & Thursday
K1 S930 To Mulbring & Brunkerville Monday, Tuesday & Friday
K1 S931 & S930 To Pelaw Main Stanford Merthyr Mulbring & Brunkerville Wednesday & Thursday
K2 S937 To Stanford Merthyr & Pelaw Main Monday, Tuesday & Friday
K3 S940 To Weston Street, Weston ONLY Wednesday & Thursday
K4 S946 To Weston Monday, Tuesday & Friday
K4      S947 To South Weston & Station Street Weston Wednesday & Thursday