Rover Coaches School Timetable


Route AM19 S900 S901

    St Philip's Christian College Cessnock
    Nulkaba Public School
    Mount View High School
    St Patrick's Primary School
    Cessnock High School
    Cessnock Public School
S900      7.30 Bus Stop - Cnr Chapman & High Street - Greta - Commence trip to St Philips
    Wyndham Street
    New England Highway
    Nelson Street - continue Camp Road
  7.40 Bus Stop - Cnr of Camp Road & Lovedale Road
    Lovedale Road
    Wilderness Road - uturn and stop - collect students
    Lovedale Road
    Wine Country Drive
    Lomas Lane
    Bus relocates to Cnr Lovedale & Camp Rd
S901 8.05 Bus Stop - Cnr Camp Rd & Lovedale Rd - Commence trip to Nulkaba Public, Mt View, St Pat's, Cessnock High & Cessnock Public
    Lovedale Road
    Wine Country Drive
  8.20 Fletcher Street - Continue to end & U-turn
    Wine Country Drive
    Kerlew Street
    Occident Street
    Austral Street
    Branxton Street
  8.25 NULKABA PUBLIC SCHOOL - continue Branxton Street
    O'Connors Road
    Oakey Creek Road
    Mount View Road
  8.35 MOUNT VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - continue Mt View Road
    Barrett Avenue - continue Sports Avenue
    Percy Street
    Wollombi Road
  8.45 ST PATRICK'S PRIMARY SCHOOL - continue Wollombi Road