Group Extended Tours

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Meet new people, make new friends, see and do new things!

Come touring with Rover Coaches and experience something more then just a bus trip away! Enrich your life on a holiday with new sights, sounds, people and places – an experience to enjoy now and cherish forever! 
Where in the world would you find such a deserve array of unique, fascinating and inspiring destinations?  Australia! We want to show you parts of our great country that you have never seen or maybe even heard of. From the many historic remnants of the pioneer days in places like Hill End, Ballarat and even Broome to the modern attractions of Scenic World in Katoomba, Cairns SkyRail Rainforest Cableway and the glass bottom boats looking down onto Nigaloo Reef on the West Australian coast. 

We can show you iconic cities such as Sydney – described as the world’s most beautiful Harbour to Melbourne – the fashion and cultural capital of Australia. We can take you to one of the wonders of the world - The Great Barrier Reef or explore the wilderness of Tasmania. 

When you’re on tour it's comforting to know that your driver is a full time professional with our company. Your driver is selectively chosen for their driving ability, safety record and experience touring Australia. Not only will they make you feel welcome and relaxed, they have picked up a few secrets along the way to enhance the itinerary and your holiday experience.

There are obvious reasons why we have been around for over 90 years and the envy of our competitors for quality and service. Part of this service is our outstanding fleet of new coaches. These state-of-the art vehicles are equipped with all modern conveniences you would expect like air conditioning, restrooms, large panoramic windows, audio-visual and drinking water. 
Of course the most important feature on our coaches is the seating - ergonomically designed, reclining and strategically placed to ensure more legroom. Add to this the advanced safety features not to mention the air suspension which seems to "ride on air" and now all wheelchair equipped.

Let us know your dream group holiday and we can plan and organise it for you. We will create an itinerary exclusively designed for your group. Unlike other large National Companies, we can offer you unrestricted itineraries with stopovers when and where you want. Without any large overheads, you'll find our prices very attractive.